Types of Thermostat - Which Is Best for Your Home?

posted on Wednesday, August 22, 2018 in Blog

When there are so many options, making a choice becomes harder especially when you’re trying to find the most suitable type of thermostat for your home. With a wide array of choices, you tend to be confused over which type suits best to your comfort needs.

If you’re having a hard time looking for the best kind of thermostat, let us give you some pointers to note.


Are you sick and tired of manually-operated thermostats? It’s time for a change! Touchscreen thermostats come with an easy and convenient user interface, allowing you to operate the thermostat in just a swipe or touch of a finger. You can find one with more advanced features from your local HVAC provider.


You surely don’t like the idea of pressing the thermostat every time you have to make changes to the setting. In this case, a programmable or smart thermostat is the right for you, especially for homeowners who spent most of their time away from home for work or other outdoor affairs. Some of its kind has basic functionalities that allow the user to set four (4) various temperatures in 24 hours. Plus, you can set the temperature any time of the day based on your schedule. If you want to get great savings on energy, a programmable thermostat is a smart choice.


Choosing a non-programmable thermostat means spending less when you buy one. Traditional thermostats are obviously less expensive, and many still opt for them because they’re easy to use. Also known as manual thermostats, you will have to make all adjustments on the setting manually. Most models and makes of their type are engineered with buttons for lowering or increasing the temperature. The best thing about this type of thermostat is that you can precisely control your indoor comfort with your bare hands.

Outlet Thermostats

For portable and on-the-go heating and cooling devices, outlet thermostats are a great fit. They are incredibly manageable and convenient especially for houses with small space. This type of thermostat doesn’t require major installation process which makes it even more compelling.

What’s Your Ideal Home Thermostat? Ask C&K!

With the right type of thermostat installed, you can make the most of your investment and save as much money on energy bills. Let our experts at C&K help you find one that offers the best comfort in your home. We have a wide range of thermostats you can choose from.

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