The Problems With Air Filters That Don't Fit Right

posted on Thursday, June 28, 2018 in Blog

The Problems With Air Filters That Don’t Fit Right

Is having an incorrectly sized air filter something you should be worried about? Absolutely! Knowing the right air filter to install for your HVAC system goes hand in hand with looking for the right size of the filter. Mind you, getting a “bad fit” air filter can lead to serious problems that concern both your money and comfort.

How To Know Your Air Filter Size

To get the right air filter size for your HVAC system, you should know exactly where they are located. Commonly, the opening beneath the covering of the grill comes in either rectangular or the basic square shape. Take note; air conditioning filter may vary in sizes so you should see to it that you get the right size for yours at home. Now, you should get the measurement of the air vent filter and the frame of the opening.

Problems With Air Filters That Aren’ the Exact Fit

Reduced Airflow

Once the air filter is not the right fit, your system will suck negative pressure from the outside. The gaps around the opening will pull in a large volume of air to your heating and cooling system. This means you get less cool air in return because a negative pressure sucks most of it.

Air Leakage

Getting an improperly sized air filter means having a completely useless filter at all. Air particles that go through the filter may find shelter on the mechanical parts of your heating and cooling units and cause havoc on their performance over time. If neglected, this can lead to expensive repairs, unnecessary part replacements or worse, a complete unit replacement.

Health Issues

The air filter is your shield against air pollutants. When it is incorrectly sized, various air contaminants may enter your vents at least resistance. Dust, mold, dirt and other harmful air particles can easily build up on your system causing health problems. Your air filter should neither be small or big for your system. It should be the perfect fit to prevent the possibilities of indoor air illnesses.

Finding the Perfect Fit Air Filter in Ames, Iowa

If you are relocating or just bought a new HVAC system, you need the guidance of the experts to help you find the right fit for the air filter. No worries because C & K is here to guide you all the way. When in doubt of your air filter size, call us for help!