Does Your Air Duct System Need Cleaning? The Answer Will Shock You

posted on Thursday, August 9, 2018 in Blog

Not sure when to call the experts for a duct cleaning service? You’re probably having second thoughts right now whether it’s time to clean your duct system or schedule it some other time. But the most important question here is – should you have your ductwork cleaned?

Let’s see how the experts view this concern.

While there’s a strong demand for repair, maintenance, and installation services in the HVAC industry, air duct cleaning is definitely not an exception. Do a Google search, and you’ll find a long list of companies who are willing to take the job of cleaning your ducts.

Deciding Whether To Have Your Duct System Cleaned or Not

It is quite hard to generalize whether or not duct cleaning in residential spaces is necessary since every house has different settings. But what do the experts say about this?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), several studies have stated that duct cleaning isn’t a long-term solution for preventing health issues. Yet, if anyone in the family is badly affected by air contaminants and household pollutants like mold and dust, cleaning your ductwork might help temporarily.

Does EPA recommend a regular air duct cleaning? Not necessarily. But they make a point of saying that it should be performed when needed. For HVAC systems that have not been cleaned and maintained for quite some time, having air ducts cleaned is wise. It is to eliminate dirt, dust and other fragments that may cause health issues and damage to your system. A simple visual inspection of the interior of the ducts can tell if cleaning is necessary. If there’s no evidence of large deposits of dirt, getting an air duct cleaning service may not be required.

When Should You Clean Your Ductwork?

The National Air Ducts Cleaners Association says that duct cleaning may only be necessary under the following conditions:

Once every 3 to 5 years
After a  home remodeling/new construction project
When you transfer to a new house
When you live with pets at home

Although there’s no exact proof that air duct cleaning can improve your system performance and one’s overall health, it comes with great benefits and incentives.

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