6 Signs That Your Furnace is in Trouble

posted on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 in Blog

The cold season is when furnace problems make themselves noticeable. While some furnace issues arrive unannounced, others are easy to spot through visible signs. Here are six (6) common signs of a failing furnace that require an immediate solution.

1. No Heat/Not Enough Heat

When your furnace produces little or no heat at all, it is one sign that your system could be on its last leg. Poor airflow is associated with fan motor, ductwork, and belt problems. If the air passage is restricted or blocked, your furnace has to work harder to push heated air throughout the house.

2. Unit Hardly Kicks On

Are you having a hard time turning on your furnace? As it ages, you’ll find it more difficult to start the unit. Commonly, furnaces are designed to last up to 20 years. But when it starts to show sign like this one, you have to prepare yourself from sudden breakdown anytime soon.

3. Strange and Disturbing Sounds

Your furnace produces sounds while operating. But if you hear noises that are new to your ear, something is probably wrong with your system. Popping, rattling, squeaking and other similar sounds are evident signs of loose mechanical parts or worn out internal component of the furnace. Contact a professional HVAC contractor to determine the source of the noise and provide the required solution.

4. Yellow Pilot Light

Your furnace’s pilot light must always be blue. But when it appears red, yellow or any other colors, it signals trouble on your system. A yellow pilot light is a sign that your furnace has a ventilation problem. This color also indicates that harmful gases like carbon monoxide did not dissipate completely. If not addressed right away, it can cause serious health issues in the family.

5. Skyrocketing Heating Bills

Did your heating bill increase too much? Rising utility bill only means that your furnace starts to lose efficiency. If your unit does not meet the heating demands of your home, it has to run longer and harder thus, consuming more energy.

6. Short Cycling

Having a problem with your furnace that turns on and off multiple times in a day? Short cycling is a serious furnace problem that requires professional attention and solution. As soon as you noticed that your unit is acting up, report the issue to a certified HVAC contractor.

Stay vigilant with these warning signs! Leave these issues to the professionals for quality solutions. Call our specialists at C&K for your heating needs.