5 Types of Home Heating Systems

posted on Thursday, September 20, 2018 in Blog

Thinking about buying a heating system for your residential space? No matter what type of system you choose, they all work for the same purpose – to tap the thermal energy from a source and transmit it to your home’s indoor space. 

Below is an overview of the most common home heating systems. See what is best for you!

Gravity Air Furnaces

With a system of metal ducts, a gravity air furnace can distribute warm air throughout the house. It eliminates the need for blowers with the use of ducts and pipes. The science behind its operation is by forcing the warm air to the top and the cool air below. A gravity air furnace is run by fuel oil, electricity, natural gas or propane.

Forced Air Heating System

Most modern homes are equipped with forced air heating systems because of the convenience and quality comfort they offer. This type of heating system uses an electrically-powered blower that transfers the heat to multiple rooms in the house via a network of ducts. The best thing about forced air systems is that they can easily adjust the temperature in individual rooms.

Radiant Heating

Compared to gravity and forced air heating systems, a radiant heating system works differently. It utilizes thermal energy at which a series of electrically-powered panels radiate the heat toward the room. Radiant heating systems also distribute warm air by using hot water tubes which is heated by a boiler. Having this heating system in your home offers great savings on energy while getting quality comfort especially these cold months.


Also called as hydronic systems, boilers are specialized water heaters designed to transmit heat through radiators or any other devices to the entire house. As the water cools again, it will be returned to the boiler to be heated. Boilers used for residential spaces commonly use heating oil or natural gas to operate.

Gas-Fired Space Heaters

In most areas in the United States, gas-fired heaters are popular because of several reasons. They are ductless, easy to install, free-standing and space saving. If you are after warming a single room, this would be a great choice.

Choose any of these heating system types for your home. Contact our specialists at C&K to help you make the best choice. We offer a wide array of heating systems that fit your comfort needs this frosty season. Call us now for help!