4 Tips to Help You Transition Your HVAC System from Summer to Fall

posted on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 in Blog

The end of summer signals the advent of the fall season. Transitioning your HVAC system from summer to fall is not as simple as turning off your air conditioner. Give your home the comfort it deserves with these four (4) easy tips for a convenient and smooth switch.

Take Advantage of the Natural Breeze

As the weather starts to cool off, you can lower the temperature setting of your air conditioning unit. Give your A/C unit a break by utilizing free resources such as open windows. Allow the natural air to enter your home and make the most of it. Or use your ceiling fans to keep your indoors comfortable while saving a large fraction on your energy costs.

Clean Your Humidifier

To keep your home comfortable this fall, you should prepare your humidifiers for the challenge. These devices help control the humidity level indoors while maintaining the right level of moisture in the air. Get a humidifier for your home this fall to prevent dry air that can lead to skin irritations, itchy eyes, and other health issues. Dry air also causes caulk joints and hardwood boards to shrink. If you already have one, make sure to clean it before using for fall.

Replace/Clean Your Air Filters

Preparing your HVAC system for the fall involves cleaning your air filters. But if you think that buying a new one would be better, then do so. A clean air filter can help lessen indoor pollutants and prevent allergens from entering your home. Leaving your filters dirty increases the risk of respiratory problems due to contaminated air.

Call Your HVAC Partner to Schedule a Maintenance Service

A professional HVAC maintenance service is one way to keep your system in optimal performance throughout the year. Schedule an inspection or repair service for your heating and cooling units for the coming season. With the help of certified technicians, you’ll be able to know the status of each component of your system and identify possible threats as early as now.

For a smooth transition to fall, your HVAC system must be at its utmost efficiency. Otherwise, you will suffer from the freezing weather in the winter months. For smart heating and cooling solutions this upcoming season, our experts at C&K have all the answers to your comfort needs. Contact us at your most convenient time.