Trusted HVAC Pros in Ames, IA Share 5 Furnace Maintenance Tips for the Winter

posted on Wednesday, November 11, 2020 in Blog

During extreme winter days, your heating system works double to keep your home warm and comfortable. Throughout the heating season, it can encounter a few performance issues that make it work harder than necessary.

Good thing there are ways where you can help your furnace deal with the intense cold. Check these tips below!

Pay Attention to the Filters

When the temperature outside gets severely low, there’s a high chance for your furnace to waver. With this, you have to make sure that proper maintenance is observed—especially on essential parts like an air filter. Keep an eye on it to ensure that it stays clean and unclogged. Give us a call at C and K if air filter replacement is needed.

Set Your Thermostat a Few Degrees Lower

It’s a smart move to drop your thermostat’s setting three to five degrees lower than your desired indoor temperature. Doing this gives relief to your furnace because it doesn’t have to work as hard as it is right now. Keep your thermostat at that setting until the weather gets back to the normal wintertime temperature.

Free Your Exhaust Vents!

Clogged and restricted vents can cause your furnace to suffer and not function properly. This is why it’s important to check if the area is clear of dirt, debris, ice, or anything that blocks the airways. If you don’t want your furnace to fail in the middle of the cold winter months, then keep an eye on your exhaust vents.

Keep All the Airways Closed

Your vents are excluded, of course. By airways, we mean the windows, garage door, and other entry points at home where the cold air can pass through. Keeping them closed reinforces your insulation and helps your furnace maintain a warm environment indoors. It provides an extra barrier to the cold, making you feel cozier.

Cover the Walls

Stone or brick walls still get cold when the temperature drops too low. Fortunately, you can reduce heat loss by covering the walls with mirrors, picture frames, or bookshelves. Even a poster will do! Putting these things on your wall adds an extra layer of insulation to your house.

Your furnace doesn’t have to bear all the works in keeping your Ames, IA home warm this winter. Extend a hand and do these tips to withstand the extreme cold. Give us a quick call if you need heating services this frosty season.