The Importance of Home Performance Evaluations

posted on Monday, March 25, 2019 in Blog

Ames, IA homeowners know exactly that having energy efficient HVAC system can make their home more livable and enjoyable. But most of them are clueless about how to cut down their energy usage. If you are after saving bucks on your heating and cooling system, you may benefit from a home performance assessment.

Read more to learn how this whole-house method can solve your comfort problems and fix your energy efficiency issues.

Prerequisites of Home Performance Assessment

  • Energy Bills Review: An assessment of your energy usage at home.
  • Homeowner Interview: A discussion of your home’s specific comfort problems with an energy expert
  • Safety Check & Testing: An inspection of home condition to uncover issues including leaks, ventilation, and moisture problems
  • Home Evaluation: A comprehensive visual assessment of your home’s energy performance, interior and exterior components, mechanical systems, and more.
  • Home Improvement Recommendations: A list of home enhancement measures considering comfort, safety, health issues, and overall costs.

Why Schedule a Home Performance Evaluation?

The main purpose of a home performance evaluation is to find cost-effective solutions that will address your comfort and energy efficiency problems.  The assessment is an examination of your home’s condition and overall energy usage while considering several factors such as your indoor air quality, airflow, insulation, humidity, and more.  

How is the Evaluation Done?

With the help of a certified HVAC contractor, your home’s insulation levels, HVAC efficiency, ductwork, electrical outlets, leaks, and other elements of the building are examined comprehensively using a set of tools. A blower test is done as the initial process for the home performance evaluation. A set of home preparations are organized prior to the tests and evaluation.

After the evaluation, your contractor will present a written summary showing the results of the tests along with recommendations for solving the issues.  Depending on the findings, your home may need air leak sealing, HVAC or insulation upgrade. Some contractors would offer a few practices and home improvement advice to improve your home’s comfort and overall performance.

Choose C and K for Home Performance Evaluation

A house performance evaluation offers a multitude of benefits that are beyond what you can imagine. With the right tests and procedures, your home’s comfort issues will be uncovered and given appropriate solutions.

Contact us at C and K for a comprehensive home evaluation to get the comfort you and your family deserve. Schedule an appointment today!