Proven Tips to Humidify Your Ames, IA Home This Winter

posted on Thursday, January 24, 2019 in Blog

Simply running a humidifier inside your home can get rid of dry air and maintain a healthy IAQ. But other than running this device, there are plenty of cost-efficient ways to humidify your Ames, IA space these cold months.

Check out these smart and energy-saving tips for a humidified indoor space without a humidifier.

1. Place a Bowl Near to a Heat Source

Put water in a bowl and place it near to any heat sources such as a furnace. The water will evaporate a lot faster when heated. Doing this will keep your room cooler while maintaining the level of moisture your need indoors.

2. Get Houseplants

Plants are natural humidifiers. They release moisture into the air via the leaves and stems through the process of transpiration. Just keep these indoor plants well-watered for more efficient humidifying results.

3. Drying Racks for Clothes

Using a dryer only makes dry air even worse. Use drying racks to dry your clothes instead. It may take a while but for those who are after keeping a healthy indoor air, doing this could be a great help.

4. Taking a Shower? Keep the Bathroom Door Open

Especially when taking a hot shower, your bathroom easily produces moisture. Allow the moisture to spread throughout the house by keeping the door open.

5. Bathroom Fan

If you’re resilient to cold, installing a bathroom fan is a wise idea to eliminate dry air. While the fan circulates, it makes the room less smoky and dry.

6. Sprinkle Some Water in Your Curtains

Spray some water (sparingly) on the curtains. Do this at least thrice a week. It helps lessen the harsh effects of dry air in your hair, skin, and health.

7. Vases on the Window Shelves

Take advantage of the heat from the sun by putting vases on your window shelves. Wait for a couple of minutes until the water is heated. Moisture will then be released in your home’s indoor atmosphere thus, keeping off dry air at bay.

Do these clever tips to lower your indoor humidity and see the results. Here at C&K, we can help you control humidity professionally and efficiently. Talk to our experts today on how we can solve your IAQ issues.