Prevent Winter Pipe and HVAC Nightmare With These Tips

posted on Saturday, January 19, 2019 in Blog

Mind you, but a frozen pipe and plumbing system can be your worst nightmare this winter. However, with advanced preparation, you can prevent this nightmare from happening. Check out these tips from the pros!

Don’t Leave Your Garden Hoses Outside

Before the temperature drops to its lowest point, store your garden hoses inside the house keep it from freezing. Make sure to drain it properly and put it somewhere indoors that is not affected by cold temperatures.

Shut off the Hose Bibb

Turning the outside spigot or hose bibb off is one of the most important tasks to do this winter. Detach the valve of the house from the spigot then shut off the bibb properly. Do leave any trace of water in the hose or supply line. Any amount of water may cause the hose to freeze, break or burst when exposed to extreme cold.

Inspect Your Sump Pump

Sump pump is a crucial part of your plumbing systems that requires steady maintenance and regular inspection. Any amount of rain and groundwater in the sump pump should be drained and pumped out properly to prevent flooding. Always check the status of your sump pump to guarantee safety and comfort these freezing months.  Schedule a professional inspection service today!

Inspect Your Sewer System

Keeping your sewer system at utmost condition is one way of ensuring proper and smooth operation of your plumbing system. Ask the help of professionals to check your drain and sewer system to avoid inconveniences and discomfort.   

Check for Leaks

Even the smallest leak in your plumbing system can lead to serious damage to your property. Therefore, it is a need to examine both indoor and outdoor pipes of possible leakage. Call our experienced plumbers at C&K to best prevention and solutions.

Reinforce Pipe Insulation

Poor insulation makes the pipes more vulnerable to freezing this winter. Protect your plumbing from cold temperatures with pipe insulating sleeves.  It prevents chafing on the pipes when they contract or expand or contract while preventing the heat from escaping. With proper pipe insulation, you’re a mile away from cold and freezing.

This cold season, you surely wouldn’t want to deal with freezing pipes and HVAC system. No worries! Our plumbing and HVAC specialists at C&K are here to help. Contact us for your comfort needs.