Plumbing Problems That Occur in Ames, IA During Springtime

posted on Thursday, June 6, 2019 in Blog

Spring in Ames, IA can have its ups and downs due to the changes in weather. This inconsistency in the weather can cause problems on your plumbing system that may occur unnoticed.

Let’s take a look at these plumbing issues that you may encounter this springtime.

Congested Sewer Lines

As plants spread out their roots during spring, it is possible for your outdoor plumbing system to get clogged. While looking for water and nutrients in the soil, the roots may go to your pipes and obstruct the drainage system. Obstructed sewer lines may result in slow drainage and other potential problems. You can prevent this by making sure that all unwanted shrubs and plants surrounding your outdoor plumbing are removed.

Leaky Pipes

While most leaky pipes occur during the winter months, it’s also common in spring. Leaks usually occur on uninsulated pipes that contracted due to fluctuations in the temperature. Especially when the weather gets warmer, the pipes may bend or expand, which can create gaps between the joints. Contact a trusted plumbing company in Ames, IA, for due solutions.

Slow Draining Fixtures

The dirt, debris, and sediments that accumulated in the drainage lines can cause the sink and other plumbing fixtures to drain slowly. Most of these residues may not be reachable or visible; that is why you will need to call in professionals to unclog the pipes and make sure that proper measures are taken.

Low Water Pressure

Another plumbing issue you might encounter this spring is low water pressure. Due to clogging and other similar problems on your plumbing system, even doing simple house chores like dishwashing can be annoying. If there’s inadequate pressure in pipes, you will have trouble getting enough water, particularly when using your plumbing fixtures simultaneously.

Poor Outdoor Drainage

It is important for your outdoor plumbing system to drain properly to prevent a pool of water around your home. Without immediate action, poor outdoor drainage may result in flooding at its worse, especially on basement houses. But you can protect your home from misfortune like this by keeping the gutters and sewer lines clean and unclogged.

Your plumbing system in Ames, IA may encounter any of these problems this springtime. Be sure to keep in touch with us at C and K to keep your plumbing system in good working condition throughout the year. Contact us for professional HVAC and plumbing services today!