How Much Energy Does Your A/C Consume?

posted on Monday, April 20, 2020 in Blog

The plain truth is that the energy that your A/C consumes can be unpredictable. It can be more or less than expected, depending on several factors affecting your system.

To estimate your cooling costs, you should start by knowing how many watts your A/C uses. Watts varies depending on the type of A/C system you’re using. A typical air conditioner in most American households consumes an average of 318 watts, equivalent to a 24,000 BTU unit.

Factors Affecting Your A/C’s Energy Consumption

Local Electric Rates

In Ames, IA, power rates differ in residential, commercial (large and small), and industrial properties. The standard energy charge for residential properties cost 12.13ȼ per kWh during the summer and 10.05ȼ per kWh in the winter.

Type of Air Conditioner

When choosing an A/C, don’t go for lower wattage; select a unit that’s right for your home and comfort needs. Getting an A/C that’s too small or too big won’t keep you comfortable indoors. Before buying a new unit, make sure to get professional advice from your air conditioning company in Ames, IA about the A/C type that best suits your comfort requirements.

Age/Condition of Your A/C

The age and health of your existing cooling system highly affect its performance and efficiency. It loses efficiency as it ages, making it harder and longer for the system to meet your desired temperature. Take note that the longer your A/C runs, the higher your electric bills get.

Quality of Insulation

Moisture control and air sealing are two important aspects of a well-insulated home. To keep the cool air indoor, all essential areas like ductwork, walls, and attic should have sufficient and quality insulation.

Several energy-efficient insulation options like thermal insulation can increase your indoor comfort while reducing your daily energy. An energy assessment can help you identify areas of your home that require additional insulation. Contact a specialist for the best results.

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