Ames' HVAC Experts Discuss Why A Geothermal Heater Is Right For Your Home

posted on Thursday, September 17, 2020 in Blog

While reading something on the internet, you came across the geothermal system. Then, you remembered your neighbor telling you how good it is in their home. Now, you’re thinking about changing your heating system as the cold weather sets in Ames, IA.

Do you think a geothermal heating system right for your home? Read this blog to know more!

How Do Geothermal Systems Work?

Geothermal systems, as you could tell by the name, rely on geothermal energy to work. This energy comes from the Earth’s heat, specifically from the radioactive decay of minerals and solar power. Some of the fuel also comes from the Earth’s formation that occurred billion years ago.

Does It Lower Energy Costs?

Homes with geothermal systems have lower energy costs by 25 to 50 percent. If it’s translated to yearly savings, it’s around hundreds of dollars. With this heating system, it can cool and heat a house with an area of 2,000 feet for just one dollar a day.

There are geothermal systems that can harness energy to heat water. It can result to even more savings on energy costs. Geothermal heat pumps are energy-efficient because they can use a unit of electricity to produce up to four heat energy units. It means that it is significantly more efficient than the conventional system.

Does This Type of System Works in Cold Weather?

A common misconception about geothermal systems is that they are not ideal for cold climates due to how they function. It comes from the fact that this type of system gets heat from the Earth’s surface.

Even if the surface temperature decreases, the temperature a few feet below remains stable at about 55 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. That’s why even with freezing weather in the winter, the system will have no problem maintaining a temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit for your home.

Do I Need a Large Property for a Geothermal System?

Many homeowners often mistake that a large property is needed for a geothermal system which is definitely wrong! Geothermal systems are designed to fit any space—may it be small or big houses.

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