5 Surprising Benefits of Using Humidifier This Winter

posted on Wednesday, December 26, 2018 in Blog

In winter, your indoor air can become too thin and dry to breathe. This is caused by the cold weather which can affect your overall health and comfort. Have you been looking for solutions to address dry air during the long cold months? Humidifiers are great solutions for dry air. Get one for your Ames, IA home and make the most of the benefits it offers including the following:

Reduced Risks of Sickness and Infections

Bacteria and viruses can easily travel in moist area. Thus, having a humidifier at home saves you from cold, flu and other illnesses this winter. Based on studies, 85% of air pollutants become futile if 43% level of indoor humidity is maintained. With enough moisture in the air, allergens and viruses are unable to move and spread throughout your home hence, keeping your health in check.  

Glowing and Healthier Skin

To keep your body hydrated, it needs 50 to 60% of water or liquid. With cold and dry air this winter, your skin may become itchy, dry and irritated. A humidifier helps add moisture in the air that prevents your skin from rashes and irritations caused by dry air. Keeping it running all day can help you maintain a vibrant skin. 

More Comfortable Home

A moist indoor environment improves your sleep and makes you feel warmer. You know exactly that tight, dry feeling in your nose during winter. Get a humidifier to keep your sinuses at bay and wake up in a more comfortable home. Plus, it saves you from high energy bills throughout the season.

Safer Electronics

Do you know about static electricity? During winter, your electronics are at high risk of damage caused by static electricity. Sensitive devices like tablets and computers can be broken with a spark of this electricity. But with a properly humidified air at home, your electronics and safety are secured. 

Protected Wood Furniture 

Do you know that dry air can damage the furnishings on your wood furniture? Dry air may leave gaps and cracks on the furniture. The moldings on your doors and windows may split, and joints may loosen. A humidifier guarantees the right level of moisture in your wood stuff. Maintaining the correct humidity level secures a long life on your wood furniture at home.

The cold weather in winter can be harsh to your health, comfort, electronics and wood furniture. Invest in a humidifier to get these amazing benefits. If you are looking for high-quality humidifiers, call us at C&K today! We are a Carrier certified dealer for years! Contact us for your HVAC needs and concerns.