Referral Rewards

At C and K we're proud of two things; our clients, and our work. So we're honored when we receive referrals from you. As thanks for being our client we want to offer you a chance to earn some cash by referring us to your friends and family.

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How does it work?

  1. Enter your information on the form below. Then, enter your referral recipients information and click submit.
  2. Your friend accepts the offer and becomes a C and K client.
  3. Your friend receives a discount on their bill - and you receive a reward!

(This referral form must be submitted as first point of contact to be considered for a Referral Reward. See General Program Rules or call a C and K representative for details.)


  • $100 each for a new Geothermal Heating & Cooling System

  • $100 each for a new Residential Heating & Cooling System (includes any two: furnace, A/C, or heat pump)

  • $50 each for a new Furnace, A/C or Heat Pump only

  • $10 when you refer a friend who joins our Membership Program


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    Program Details and Requirements

    General Program Rules

    This program is administered by C and K Inc.

    Program period is from 1/1/2020 to 12/31/2020. C and K reserves the right to terminate this program, in whole or in part, at its discretion with 30 days notification to participating parties.

    Rewards from C and K will be paid via check to both the referral and referring clients once installation is complete and payment has been made. Please allow 30 days after installation and payment. Both checks will be processed at the same time. Physical addresses and other required information must be provided in order to process both checks.
    C and K employees, its suppliers, distributors, affiliates and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in this referral program. A person cannot refer themselves as a client. 
    Cannot be combined with any other C and K promotion or special pricing offer.


    Referring Homeowner (existing C and K client)

    Referring Homeowner Qualifications:

    Homeowner has been a client of C and K within the past seven years
    There is no limit on the number of referrals from an existing C and K client
    Referring customer must register the referral on our website (http://www.callcandk.com/about/referral use the form) in advance of project quotation. The referral form must be submitted as first point of contact with the referral customer to be considered for a Referral Reward.

    Referring Homeowner Benefits:

    Will receive a check from C and K once the referral customer installs and pays for a heating and/or cooling system from C and K. Referral customer must purchase both equipment and installation from C and K in order for either party to be eligible for the Referral Rewards Program.

    Reward amounts for the referring homeowner are as follows: $250 for a new residential geothermal heating & cooling system; $100 for a new residential heating & cooling system consisting of a furnace installed with a new A/C or heat pump; $50 for a new furnace, A/C or heat pump only. A TSP membership referral is rewarded with an extension of each parties TSP by one seasonal tune-up. 

    There is no limit to the number of referrals one can make.


    Referral Customer (new C and K client)

    Referral Customer Qualifications:

    Homeowner must purchase/install a new air conditioning, heating or geothermal system, or sign-up for TSP membership between March 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017. Must live within C and K's service area.

    Limit 1 (one) referral reward per household (maximum of $250.00 from C and K Inc.)

    Referral Customer Benefits:

    Will receive a check from C and K Inc once online installation is complete and payment is made or may choose to discount the referral reward off of the installation price before payment. A TSP membership referral is rewarded with an extension of each parties TSP by one seasonal tune-up. The referral payment process will only begin after work is completed and fully paid for.