Does Air Quality Test Detect Mold?


Mold is only one of the many causes of indoor air quality issues in residential areas in Ames, IA. When mold continues to invade your home, you will have to wake one day with respiratory illnesses and unpleasant indoor environment.

Commonly, mold grows outdoors. However, it can be easily blown by the wind towards your home or carried in through your clothes as you go in. An air quality test can affirm is mold is present in the house. Whether the mold is in high or low visibility areas at home, IAQ test can determine its location and measure its volume.

Common Causes of Mold Indoors

Where does mold come from? Your home might be a breeding ground of mold without your notice. We have listed potential sources of mold that you may not know yet.

Wet Clothes

Storing wet clothes in your house is not advisable especially if you are trying to improve your indoor air quality. Make sure to completely dry your clothes after laundry. Take note that moist areas are suitable conditions for mold growth. You would know when mold started to develop in the clothes once you noticed a pungent smell.

Water Leaks

Any form of leakages on the roof, pipes and even walls are possible causes of mold. Leaks can make your home humid hence, creating a perfect home for mold. Make sure to call a trusted plumber to fix all water leaks as a preventive measure.

Poor Air Circulation

Aside from leaks and wet clothes, poor ventilation also causes mold to develop in your home. With this, you need to ensure proper air circulation throughout the house to keep dry air from coming in. Have your HVAC system checked routinely to guarantee that it’s working properly. All humid areas in your living space require clean air to control mold growth and other related problems.

Other Suitable Growing Conditions

The three main requirements for mold to grow are moisture, mold spores, and sufficient light and heat. It will take only one or two days for mold to start developing. This is why it is imperative to keep your house clean and dry as possible.

Routine Air Quality Tests in Ames, IA

To easily identify and detect mold in your Ames, IA home, call our IAQ experts at C and K. We can help you keep a healthy indoor air for your whole family. Contact us to schedule an appointment.