Common A/C Problems Homeowners Face During Summer


Summer can be the cruelest season for your air conditioning unit. When the sun heats up, your cooling system is prone to various problems equivalent to costly inspection, repair, and maintenance. Common A/C problems can be determined and solved beforehand as soon as you spot the issue.

Below is a list of potential A/C problems you can encounter during the hottest months of the year.

1. Unit Not Turning On

Imagine your home without an air conditioner running because it simply does not turn on. It feels like you are almost suffocating in the warm air. When your air conditioning unit does not work, check the thermostat if it is set properly or the circuit breaker is plugged in.

2. Obstructed Airflow

An efficiently working A/C should provide noticeable results. But, if you feel that your room is not cooling and it feels warmer than normal, something is wrong with your cooling system. This happens if the air is obstructed due to a clogged air filter and dirty ductwork. To allow proper cooling and airflow indoor, clean or replace your air filters and keep your ducts clean as always.

3. Odd Noises

Air conditioning units normally produce sound while operating but, if the sound is quite strange, then it indicates a problem. Odd noises imply blower, condenser, fan motor or compressor issues. Any of these parts might need repair or replacement.

4. Expensive Energy Bills

Summer means your A/C unit needs to work double to cool your home and keep you comfortable indoors. The warm weather quickly signals high electric bills. To compensate your energy consumption, it is necessary to do regular maintenance on the unit. If you plan to purchase a new unit, it is best to invest in an energy-efficient system for greater savings.

5. Broken Thermostat

Your A/C unit works hand in hand with the thermostat. If the latter is broken, you may need a battery replacement. Without the thermostat, it is difficult to set the right temperature for the entire house. If you wish to keep it running efficiently, you may purchase a new one or reinstall it on a different location.

6. Blowing Warm Air

Air conditioners are designed to blow cool air, but if they operate the other way around, there is an issue with the airflow. With this, you need to start looking at the air filters and indoor unit. If you see that everything looks good, it is time to inspect the condenser unit for broken fans or blades. Also, consider checking the ductwork for leaks and clogging.

Do you have problems with your air conditioning unit? C & K can help you solve these problems for a comfortable and enjoyable summer. Schedule an appointment with us today!