A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right HVAC Maintenance Plan


Signing up for an HVAC maintenance plan means getting a scheduled annual tune-up service for your system. With a maintenance agreement, your HVAC service provider performs an on-going inspection and tune-up services for your unit. There are various HVAC maintenance plans that you can find with different levels of perks and services offered. Thus, it is extremely vital to know exactly the plan you’re paying for before signing it.

Don’t waste money on vague HVAC maintenance program. Follow these guidelines in choosing the right plan for your system.

1. Do an Extensive Research

Do your research just like how a police investigator gathers information to solve his case. Your goal is to compare your options and see which of these HVAC companies best suit your preferences and needs. Start by knowing if the company is licensed and bonded. Look for reviews online. Also, see if the company has based its maintenance program on industry standards. Collect as much information about them and keep it as your reference later.

2. Make a List of Relevant Questions

Before talking to your prospect contractor about the HVAC maintenance contract, don’t forget to write down questions that you would want to ask to them. You also would want to see a sample agreement that you can evaluate for yourself. Friendly advice: set a private appointment to each contractor so you can see how they respond to every question. Here are possible questions to ask.

  • Can the contract/plan be custom-made?
  • What services are included and excluded in the contract?
  • What equipment are involved in the plan?
  • How many times per year will the technician do the maintenance visit?
  • Are there discounts for repairs?

3. Compare Costs for Routine Maintenance

Should you go for a cheaper HVAC maintenance plan? Well, it depends. Some contractors offer cheaper maintenance plan with the same quality of service than others. While it’s true that the price shouldn’t matter if you are after the quality, it’s still wise to make a comparison on prices for greater savings. The service agreement itself should specify labor discounts (if available).

C & K HVAC Maintenance Plans

When looking for a guaranteed maintenance plan for your heating and cooling system, keep in mind these guidelines to land the best HVAC contractor. Call us at C & K to learn about our friendly and complete HVAC service agreement. Make us your partner for your residential and commercial HVAC needs in Ames, IA today!