6 Tips To Get Your HVAC System Ready For The Heat Wave


The arctic-like weather is now over! So, get up and face the arrival of the new season. But before the temperature starts to intensify, be sure that your HVAC system is ready to help you beat the heat.

Keep your house cool this hot season with these expert tips from your HVAC professionals. We made it simple just for you!

Take Your Air Conditioner on a Run Test

Before spring comes in the way, it is best to have your AC unit checked professionally. See if it is working efficiently the way it is designed for. If there are obvious signs of malfunction, let an HVAC technician check it immediately.

How to test your air conditioner? Simply turn it on, set the thermostat a degree lower and allow it to run the entire day in full cycle. Check for potential problems like strange noises (banging or knocking) and unusual odors.  Also, see if your indoor air gets colder as the system works.

Add Extra Insulation & Seal Leaks and Cracks

Winter days can be extreme at times. Loose and cracked seals can occur without notice. Hence, a spring HVAC system maintenance check is important to diagnose all possible problems on the system. Seal up cracks and leaks if there are any. Invest in extra insulation to keep your cooling unit work to its optimum function.

Plan an Air Duct Testing & Cleaning

Will your AC unit work more proficiently with your air ducts tested and cleaned? Absolutely! Conducting a pre-test on air ducts assures you that the air passes through properly. Duct cleaning eliminates pollen, debris, dust, toxins and all sorts of dirt that can block airflow. Doing this lowers energy cost, lessens allergy symptoms and ensures a safe and healthy indoor setting.

Shift to a Programmable Thermostat 

If you are still using an old model thermostat, now is the time to make an upgrade. A programmable thermostat saves up to $180 on your energy bill yearly. Set it to 80 – 85 degrees to maximize your savings on electric cost.

Schedule a Pre-Maintenance Service With the Pros

Let the experts do the maintenance job on your behalf. Set up an appointment with your trusted HVAC technician to identify even the smallest issues on the system. Call them now before these small problems turn into huge ones down the road.

Beat the heat by keeping your system running at its utmost performance. Call the experts at C & K now!