Why Are Proper A/C Installation Techniques So Important?

posted on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 in Blog

For many homeowners, monitoring HVAC installation techniques is not a big deal. Little do they know that improper installation of their heating and cooling system actually reduces their system’s efficiency by 20 to 30%. Proper A/C installation techniques offer more than just comfort but safety and energy savings at the same time.

Check out these important reasons for paying attention to right A/C installation techniques.

Lessen Energy Bill

Without proper A/C installation, you may end up paying high bills every end of the month. You might think that improperly installed air conditioners work just fine as other units but, you will surely be surprised when your bill comes along. Certified A/C installers are knowledgeable of the different installation techniques that can lower your energy consumption while intensifying your family’s overall comfort.

Lengthen Your Cooling Unit’s Lifespan 

Using the right techniques during A/C installation ensures your system is working efficiently and productively in cooling your home. Be sure to let only a professional HVAC contractor do the job for you. 

You will know if your contractor has installed your A/C properly if it reached the expected lifespan or even more. A typical A/C unit would last up to 10 years but if yours lived more than that, it means that your contractor did a great job in installing the unit.

Lower the Risk of Mold and Fire

You can prevent mold buildup through proper A/C installation. A professional A/C installer knows how to set up the system in your home where there are fewer chances of mold growth. Proper A/C installation also reduces the risks of fire. Air conditioner installation involves high voltage electrical that can trigger fire hazards at home. Poor A/C installation increases the possibility of fire-related incidents which are detrimental to your property and family’s safety.

Limit Property Damage

Air conditioners are complex machines with unique needs. Even those perfectly designed cooling units need to be properly installed for optimum performance. Hence, you want the installation job to go as smooth as possible to prevent any potential system issues in the future. With this, you have to connect only with professionals to ensure complete and proper installation service.

For your A/C installation needs, call only the experts at C & K. They work with qualified, experienced and highly trained installers for the job. Schedule an appointment today for a free quote and in-home estimate!